Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020


Note:  The order of events may change.  However the proximity to Launceston will remain for the first and last events. See Travel Tips

Saturday 26 SeptemberAustralian Championships SprintLauncestonStarts from 10:30 am
Sunday 27 SeptemberAustralian Championships MiddleSt Helens AreaMorning Starts
Monday 28 SeptemberAustralian Championships RelaySt Helens AreaMorning Starts
Tuesday 29 SeptemberSchools Championships Sprint
& Day 1 Turbo Chook 3 Days
BichenoMorning Starts
Wednesday 30 SeptemberSchools Championships Long
& Day 2 Turbo Chook 3 Days
St Helens AreaMorning Starts
Thursday 1 OctoberSchools Championships Relay
& Day 3 Turbo Chook 3 Days
St Helens AreaMorning Starts
Friday 2 OctoberModel EventMorning Starts
Saturday 3 OctoberAustralian Championships LongMorning Starts
Sunday 4 OctoberTasmanian Championships MiddleFingal ValleyMorning Starts