Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020


the Australian Orienteering Championships is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania

Given Covid-19, Entries are now on hold. A final decision about the future of AOC2020 will be made by 31 May. Read more


When entries open, you need to enter in advance. But if you do not want to commit to pre-entry, you can enter an easy course on the day. Make sure you read the fine print!

Before you enter, take note:

The Australian Orienteering Championships is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania.

Read the Participation FAQS especially if you are new to major orienteering carnivals.

Regular Entries are from 1 May – 22 August 2020. After this time, late entries will be considered and if accepted, a 25% late fee will apply – Contact Us.

See our Entry Fees & Refund Policies to find out about costs, family discounts, entry to the Schools Championships and other important things to know about before you enter.

Use the Split Start Times Form when you enter to request special start times due to exceptional circumstances (this includes carer logistics, tight travel times or other reasons).  We will consider but not necessarily grant your request.

A Risk Waiver will need to be completed as part of the entry process.

You will need to register in person before your first event to collect your race number.

All events will use SI Air Card compatible controls. But you can chose to use your slower SI stick if you do not have an SI Air Card.

When you enter you will need to include your timing device number (whether an SI Air Card or an SI stick (the memory on a P Card is limited to 18 controls which will not be enough for some events). Furthermore, only one person can use any particular timing device. So you can not share them between family or friends. Everyone needs their own! If you do not have a timing device you will need to either:

    1. Purchase your own. We recommend you get an SI Air Card. And you can buy these from Aussieogear or WildfireSports; or
    2. Hire an SI Air Card as part of the entry process. But this option is only available during the Early Bird entry period, or until stocks are exhausted. The hire fee will be $15 for the whole carnival irrespective of how many events you enter.