Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020


Bulletins contain all the technical nitty gritty and practical tips you need to know about the Events.  Note: Specific “Schools Bulletins” will be published at Schools Championships

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Bulletin 1:

Bulletin 1 will be out at least 6 months prior to the Carnival. It will set out: 

Previous Maps of Embargoed Areas
 Embargoed Areas
 contact telephone number and email address for enquiries & website address
 the names of the event organiser(s) and OA Controller(s)
 sponsors
 approximate venue
 dates
 classes offered
 entry procedure and fees
 entry forms
 minimum number of entrants in each class
 latest date and address for entries
 accommodation available
 approximate course lengths and winning times
 opportunities for training
 other information of interest.
Other information may include:
 limitations on entry (e.g. number, previous experience)
 team sizes if a team competition is to be held

Final Bulletin:

The Final Bulletin will be out at least 2 weeks before the Carnival and will contain the information set out below (any changes after the Final Bulletin will be flagged at Registration):

 full details of venues and travel directions
 description of terrain, climate and any hazards
 scale, contour interval of maps and any other relevant mapping
 start and finish procedures
 distances from parking to finish and finish to start(s)
 registration times, venue and procedure
 facilities available (changing, refreshments, etc)
 full start list for all classes
 any permitted deviations from the rules
 the length, total climb, number of controls and number of
refreshment controls on each individual course and, for relays, on
each leg
 notes on competition clothing, if necessary
 method of marking out of bounds areas and marked routes
 jury members’ names
 other information of interest.